Don Heywood

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Written by Don Heywood
Sunday, 15 May 2011 17:31
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"... this truly inspiring picture. It is one of the best I have seen of an elephant and so typical of the animal itself."

Kenneth Kaunda
President of the Republic of Zambia



Dearest Don,

I am speechless and perplexed and I honestly wonder how you are able to achieve drawings of such a delicate, strong and living expression. You are a true phenomenon and I sincerely congratulate you for your outstanding talent. I cannot resist thinking that one or two among the greatest masters in Art must have blazed up your passion. I am thinking of Holbein. In addition destiny led you one day to South Africa, the place of all the places for you, contributed in a essential way to your career, artistically speaking.

There are so many other considerations I would like to mention and I am eagerly looking forward to our next possible dialogue which I hope will happen soon.

With my congratulations and my affectionate thoughts.

Your friend

Gustav Zumsteg

( One of the most important patrons of Zurich’s modern art and also friend of Picasso, Miro & Chagall).

18th February 1995

Vanishing Faces of Southern Africa is a celebration of the extraordinary richness and diversity of the cultural heritage of the people of Southern Africa as expressed in their traditional costumes and customs.

With the keen eye of a sensitive portrait painter, Donald Heywood has captured a beauty and visible identity widely neglected in the past due to the Eurocentric emphasis in cultural history research in South Africa. At a time when this heritage is seriously threatened by a rapidly changing society, Heywood’s paintings provide a record for posterity.

“Vanishing Faces of Southern Africa, the magnificent final product of many years of dedicated and painstaking work… plays an important role in conservation and preservation… Donald Heywood should be satisfied that he has created accurate, natural and sympathetic renderings of a passing era for future generations.”

Steve Bales
Custodian of Art,
Fist National Bank of Southern Africa Limited.


" It is thus a great pleasure for the World Wide Fund for Nature to be associated with Don Heywood’s Wildlife Portraits.

Here in some of the finest contemporary wildlife art, lies the potential to short-circuit the laborious chain of education, understanding and, only then, caring and conservation: this superb imagery of the natural world will serve to kindle directly a love for the natural world. The words that accompany these portraits of the wild will further enhance this appreciation.

WWF is proud to be associated with this publication and commends Don Heywood on the dedication to conservation that shines through all his work. "

Ian Macdonald
Chief Executive
WWF South Africa, Stellenbosch
21 February 1997

" I find myself believing that Don Heywood’s pictures are not mere illustrations: their impact seems to be that of the vision of an artist of creatures into whose being he seems to have entered. I turn to the last illustrated page regretting that it is the last. "

Steve Bales
Group Art Custodian
First National Bank
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