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Portraits of Southern Africa

Wildlife Portraits of South Africa brilliantly captures the vibrant diversity of the teeming wildlife and natural beauty of the subcontinent. Donald Heywood's highly acclaimed paintings and superb drawings celebrate the grace, strength and cunning of an extensive range of animals- from well-known tourist attractions such as the lions, elephants and cheetah to more inconspicuous animals. The absorbing and informative anecdotes and factual precision of the accompanying text, endorsed by World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF South Africa), adds to the book's appeal.

"I find myself believing that Don Heywood's Pictures are not mere illustration:their impact seems to be that of the vision of an artist of creature int whose being he seems to have entered. I turn to the last illustrated page regretting that it is the last. "

Steve Bales, Group Art Custodian, First National Bank Group.

"WWF South Africa is proud to be associated with this publication and commends Don Heywood on the dedication to conservation that shines through all his work."

Dr Ian Macdonald, Chief Executive, WWWF South Africa

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